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SpeakerText Hyperlinks to Exact Moment in Video!

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Matt Mireles tells a great story about how he and his co-founders started SpeakerText. He’s a regular guy who had an interesting idea. What if the text of what was being said in a video ran along side the video in question? But, he didn’t stop there. He envisioned a set up where you could copy and paste the text and it would port over with the text a hyperlink to that exact moment in the video.

Here’s a sample that was copy&pasted from the demo video on the SpeakerText website: Highlight the quote in the SpeakerText, then either right click your mouse button and select “Copy QuoteLink” or hit the “Quote” button.

Rocket’s Tail caught up with Matt and had a chance to talk with him about SpeakerText:

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February 23, 2010 at 11:44 am

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Live Replay (Panel:,, &

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Last night we hosted a panel discussion with Dana Tower (Pond5), Jamison Tilsner (Tubefilter), and Aaron Sonnenberg ( The night included a moderated panel discussion as well as Q&A from the audience. Some eighty or so people from Connecticut’s various industries interested in online video turned out and helped spark a lively discussion.

Many thanks to Dana, Jamison, and Aaron for trekking out from New York City to help foster greater understand and dialog around online video.

Here is a replay of last night’s panel discussion:

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February 12, 2010 at 3:36 pm

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Jeremy Allaire, Online Video Industry Leader, Discusses its Future

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Most segments of industry were hit hard last year! Remember just a month ago when we were all kissing 2009 goodbye ready to see it gone forever? Well Jeremy Allaire‘s company, Brightcove, managed to grow its revenues 50% year over year, in 2009. Their customers have ranged from media companies (The New York Times, Fox, AOL, etc.) to plenty of non-media companies (Reebok, GM, Ticketmaster, etc.). And, seeing an opportunity to develop customers on the lower tier of online media, they rolled out Brightcove Express for $99/month; perfect for your local newspaper just dabbling with online video or that travel company looking to grow its community of travelers!

Jeremy Allaire is no new-comer to this space, either. Having co-founded Allaire Corporation where he developed Coldfusion and then teamed up with Macromedia to develop Flash, he is truly one of the online video industry’s leaders.

Rocket’s Tail caught up with Jeremy Allaire at the Brightcove Headquarters in Cambridge, MA to talk with him a little bit about where the industry is right now, where it might be heading, and how that intersects with other industry segments.

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