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Cool IAWTV/YouTube Panel, This Wednesday (New York): Lights, Camera, Action! Emerging Technologies and How They Will Affect Our Space

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The IAWTV is continuing our monthly panel discussions with YouTube on April 25 (NYC).  This month’s subject will be “Lights, Camera, Action! Emerging Technologies and How They Will Affect Our Space.”  This panel will introduce you to some professional DPs and gear rental experts who will discuss and recommend pieces of equipment for your productions. They will especially inform attendees about the best valued camera gear that is within your budget.


Google Office

Conference Room will be sent to attendees

AFTERPARTY: Gaslight Lounge in New York

Date:     April 25 for New York

Time:     7 – 9 PM New York


New York:

Michael Getto:

Michael Getto is the Festival Director at the New York Television Festival where he oversees operations, digital activation and creative brand strategy for the company, now in its eighth year. In addition to new business development and the execution – both legal and technical – of Festival development initiatives, Michael facilitates the delivery of Festival content for all NYTVF industry partners as well as the physical screening requirements associated with the annual event, which in total includes over 500 selections in the last seven years. Prior to joining the New York Television Festival, Michael worked for a number of leading film, music and comedy festivals across the country including the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, AFI Fest, Jazz Aspen Snowmass, and the Tribeca Film Festival.

Kelly Mena:

Kelly Mena is a New York City based filmmaker with experience in both documentary and narrative films. Currently, she is a Video Pro User in B&H Photo’s marketing department and has just finished working on the production and execution of their largest trade show, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). She has several years of experience as a videographer and editor, specializing in high-end weddings. Kelly managed a top New York event studio before breaking out on her own as a freelancer. With a background in film production and a degree in psychology, her approach to filming and editing video content and weddings is focused on bringing together a visually appealing piece with an equally completing story.

Dutch Doscher:

Dutch Doscher is a Freelance Director of after school specials, music videos and short films, For clients including Deloitte, Pfizer, National Geographic, HCCS, Sunburst and Prentice Hall.

Dutch Doscher began his career as a Casting Director for industrials, commercials and after school specials, expanding to music videos and short films.. After years of casting, one of the educational producers was impressed with Dutch’s ability to get the best performance from young actors. She decided to give him a chance to direct. He has given first acting jobs to some of the biggest young stars in the business like Frankie Munez (Malcolm In The Middle) Katrina Bowden (30 Rock) Scott Terra (Daredevil) and Lady Gaga (Pop Star), just to name a few.

Andrew Osborne:

Andrew NamChul Osborne is a freelance filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York with extensive production experience, ranging from feature films to web based content.

Andrew earned a BFA in film production from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a concentration in directing and editing. In 2009, Andrew was a producer on the feature film “Toe to Toe” that premiered in competition at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and was theatrically released by Strand Releasing in 2010. Andrew continues to freelance as a director, cinematographer, producer and editor for Pureland Picutres, Inc., a Brooklyn based film and commercial production company founded in 1999 by award-winning filmmaker Emily Abt.

Andrew is the producer and videographer of Capture Your Flag, a web based interview series interviewing a set of up and coming leaders annually, charting their development over time so viewers may find relatable stories to gain insight into how aspirational careers actually develop. Interviews are segmented by theme and question, creating knowledge rich and thematic driven video learning experiences used by millions worldwide. In just under three years, Andrew has produced over 2,000 videos for Capture Your Flag.

Daniel Gurzi:

Daniel Gurzi is currently Director of Digital Cinema at Adorama Rental Company. He is responsible for understanding current and developing technologies to properly plan equipment inventory for Adorama Rentals. After graduating in 2005 with a degree in Film and Digital Media for UCSC in California, Daniel began working in camera rental departments while freelancing to gain both on set equipment experience along with pre-production planning and budgeting. Daniel has negotiated deals for full length feature films, long form TV Series, documentaries and Commercials shooting on everything from 35mm & 16mm Film to 35mm Digital Cinema, 3D, 2/3″ broadcast and DSLR camera systems.

J. Sibley Law (moderator)

J. Sibley Law, who goes by “Sib”, is the creator of a dozen online television series ranging from cooking shows to animation series to political spoofs to comedy. One of the first YouTube Partners (ever), he is currently launching two networks (TangoDango and Ziz). He is an Official Honoree of the Webby Awards and regularly creates commercials for broadcast (seen on ESPN, etc.). Additionally, he co-founded the NYC Web Series Writers Group for the IAWTV. His book, Streaming Media Delivery in Higher Education is available on IGI Global. His articles about the online video industry can be read on his blog ( and on other industry publications. He is a co-founder of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival (CT) and was its executive producer from 2005-2010. In addition to all this, he recently joined the web television dream team creating a television pilot called: Drifter (

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April 23, 2012 at 3:42 pm

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Stratford, CT/Richmond, VA–Puppet John Law–an online series about the process of running for president and the name of the show’s main character–did something unheard of last night. It delivered a response to Rick Santorum’s announcement that he was leaving the race for President in less than four hours, a process that normally takes weeks for an animation of this length. What makes this so impressive is that the response is animated with 3D characters, of both Puppet John Law and a puppet version of Rick Santorum. What also makes this response impressive is that the creators were able to make it by building atop freely available tools.

How They Did It

The series is the brain child of J. Sibley Law (Official Honoree of the Webby Awards), who has a long history of political spoofs. Once he knew what he wanted to  do and how he wanted to do it, he contacted Jason van Gumster of Hand Turkey Studios. What makes the partnership a perfect match is that van Gumster is the author of Blender for Dummies; Blender is an open source (free) animation software that can literally be run from a thumbdrive on most any computer. The two devised a plan that put their joint creative juices in the same…blender. What they came up with was a collection of virtual puppets, of John Law (Law’s visual alter-ego), each of the candidates, and a hand which has yet to appear on the series. When asked why he took this approach Law explained, “lampooning anything in politics is a game of timing, but when you are poking fun at the process itself, timing is that much more important.” If last night’s response to Santorum’s announcement is any indication, expect to see very pithy and timely observations of the political process.

The series has already spoofed President Obama’s press conference on the birth control issue and campaign finance issues. However, the series got its start with an official announcement that Puppet John Law is NOT running for president. In that video he states: “I plan to cross this nation of ours and carry the torch for all manner of puppetry, from the highest of marionettes to the lowest of sock puppets. I know that one day all puppets in office will be able to serve this land openly. Thank you.”

About the Production Companies

Saxon Mills, Stratford, CT, is a both the production company behind the series and the engine behind the YouTube network that it is a part of (ZizComedyNetwork). Saxon Mills was founded by Law in 2005 and has been on the forefront of mobile and web television since then. It currently operates two YouTube Networks TangoDango and Ziz.

Hand Turkey Studios, Richmond, VA, is a full-service animation studio based in Richmond Virginia. It is helmed by Jason van Gumster who is both the author of Blender for Dummies and an expert at pooling large groups of animation talent to create high quality animation at lightening speeds.

Puppet John Law is a collaboration between the two production companies.

Puppet John Law

Santorum’s Love Affair: Bows out of Race

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