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It’s That ITVFest Time of Year…

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It’s that time of year! School buses have crowded the roads on my way to the airport for at least a month. Football lights around the country illuminate padded kids each night at dusk as they practice for the big game. And, the fragrance of Autumn is blowing in from the north. It’s that time of year when I head to Vermont to see the Fall colors: red and black. Oh sure, you can see oranges and yellows when you head to the green mountain state. However, this year in Manchester, prepare for a sea of red sweatshirts, hats, and other ITVFest garb as the town fills with independent television and film creators as well as industry executives.

I took a trip up to Manchester this week to see how preparations are coming.

In a phrase: I AM PUMPED!!!

Quick rundown of things you need to know.

  • The Fest has moved: ITVFest is in Manchester, VT (not NH). I love West Dover, so I was hesitant about Manchester. I’m not now. Manchester has opened its metaphorical arms wide and there is already a buzz throughout town.
  • 1st Stop, hit the box office: When you first get to town, that’s the place to go. It’s in the town’s welcome center on the main traffic circle. Yes. I said main traffic circle.
  • Traffic Circles: It’s just a thing in Manchester. They have traffic circles. There is a main traffic circle near the box office. There is a smaller one, near the tent.
  • Shopping: There is an insane amount of shopping in this town. Sure, you can find your crazy knick-knack, antique typewriter, or just an antique. But, you can also deck yourself out in some mighty fine threads in case you forget your Gala garb.
  • Print my map: You’re gonna need a map. The awesome guys at ITVFest (Philip, MaryLynn, somebody…) did an awesome job creating a professional map with lots of useful information on it. You can find it online and in the program. But, I took the liberty of doctoring it up so you really know where you’re going. Here it is:

ITVFest manchester-map-Sib's Version 2017
Go ahead and blow this one up and print it out.

  • There’s an undies shop: Sure, you might have taken your special someone to Soma or Victoria’s Secret… You might have gone yourself! This is not a chain. It’s called: Joy: All Things Under Things. So, I’m personally setting up my own ITVFest challenge: I’ll give a prize (not sure what yet) to the person or persons with the most interesting and/or most fun photo or video taken in or around this shop. Why? Cuz there’s a freaking independent underwear store in town. Why not?! So, just post your submission in the comments to this post. Fun for all. 
  • Shuttle Bus: There will be a shuttle bus between key locations throughout the festival. I’m planning on getting in a ton of steps and there is lots of parking throughout town. But, if you need it… they got it… just for you.
  • Watering Holes: There are plenty. And, if you’re asking… I like bold red wines. Thanks!
  • Say Thanks: There are a ton of people (seriously) working to make this year’s ITVFest incredible. Stop and say thank you to them. Special note: Philip, MaryLynn, and Nikki have been working like crazy. When you get here, if they don’t look like they need to bolt to someplace else… maybe even give them a hug. Don’t tell Philip I put you up to it.

Here is proof that I actually went to Manchester to learn all this great information (MaryLynn Suchan agreed to pose in a photo with me).

Sib & MaryLynn Suchan 2017 ITVFest

Can’t wait to see you in Manchester!

This year’s ITVFest takes place in Manchester, VT October 11-15, 2017.

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October 3, 2017 at 9:02 pm

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